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Welcome to First Flight Paragliding school, Northern Ireland - thank you for stopping by.

Wishing all my students and pilots everywhere, fair winds and safe flying in 2018 and beyond.

Paragliding is the newest form of soaring flight and the easiest and least expensive way to experience controlled flight. It is much easier to learn than hang gliding and you can expect to be making your first low flights on the first day.  Since its inception around 1986, paragliding has grown by leaps and bounds. A pilot simply lays out the canopy on the ground, starts running down a hill and pulls the glider up overhead allowing it to inflate in the breeze. When the glider is fully inflated and a certain speed is reached the paraglider and the pilot become airborne and launch into the air. Using the correct techniques, the skilled pilot can stay aloft for hours and cover several miles over the ground, all the time enjoying the unique view of the mountains and the silence of unpowered flight. Paragliders are fully steerable, and landing is easy and precise.

First Flight Paragliding was established in Northern Ireland in the last century - formal operation commenced in 1996It is the longest established continuously operating paragliding school in Ireland and has been responsible for providing professional flight training in accordance with the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association syllabus and procedures ever since, as BHPA Registered School No. 296. 

The school is associated with the Ulster Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

We hope that the information on these pages will help you to decide if this sport may be for you. Thank you for your interest!

If you decide in the end that paragliding may not be for you, why not have a look at other activities on offer in Northern Ireland - see http://www.outdoorni.com/ . Firstflight Paragliding is an OutdoorNI accredited activity provider.

Personal accident insurance is available from Sportscover at reasonable cost for a wide range of sports and activities including paragliding training.