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Tandem flying is a good way to get a taste of paragliding. Given suitable weather, an experienced pilot in control of a large, stable paraglider can take his passenger to well above the height of the takeoff point in comfort using only natural lift from the wind and thermals. In the right conditions, the passenger can assume control of the glider; or just relax, admire the view and take a few photos.  

You don’t need to be especially fit to fly. Take off and landing involves running just a few steps and once airborne you sit back in a comfortable seat and perhaps lean a little to assist turning. Call us to discuss any particular concerns. I am able to take passengers weighing between 35 and 100 kg (5.5 and 16 stone). At present I do not cater for anyone under 18 years of age.   We can fly throughout the year, but in winter it is obviously much colder. The pilot is always abreast of the weather situation and can discuss exactly when it is the best time to fly. The decision to go ahead with the day is made at about 10.00am that morning when we see how the weather is shaping up. All aviation is weather dependent, and if you are unable to fly because of unsuitable weather when we get to the hill, we simply re-schedule.  

The gliders fly at about 20 mph, so that wind-chill combined with some extra altitude can make it a little cold. We have some gloves and helmets for loan; You'll need some ankle supporting boots, warm clothes and some drink and snacks to make your day on the hills a comfortable one. 

You will be sitting in a secure harness immediately in front of the pilot and we can talk to each other during the entire flight. You will be given a full explanation of what to expect before and during the flight.   Our sites are in a number of areas in Northern Ireland, easily accessible by road. A typical day's flying begins with a morning assessment of the weather and to arrange a meeting time and place if all looks good. We'll spend around half an hour with preliminary safety briefings and signing in, either on the flying site or at a convenient meeting point.  

On the take off site, we'll check the conditions, inspect the glider and begin flying as soon as the conditions permit. The glider performance varies with weight, so we fly in the best conditions for each member of our small group as the weather of the day develops. To get the best out of the day, we are ready to fly from first arrival on the hill until dusk. We hope you will be able to taste this most elegant of forms of aviation with us.